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Income Solutions & Asset Preservation

Protect your family’s wealth, assets and lifestyle that you’ve worked hard to create

Unexpected events can happen at any time. They can jeopardize your financial security, deplete your assets or suspend your income. Preserving the wealth and assets that you have spent your life building can ensure your family’s future success. Our firm is experienced in designing long-term care and disability protection plans to provide you with peace of mind and safeguard your family’s wealth and assets to help secure your future.

Asset Preservation

Long-Term Care

One of the fastest growing segments of the population, individuals 85+1, are most likely going to incur costs related to future long-term care. If unplanned, these costs can deplete assets and investments that you have spent your life building. With almost 70% of seniors receiving some sort of prolonged care during their later years2, long-term care protection is vital to avoid asset depletion and to protect the nest egg that you have worked hard to build. Prosperity – An EisnerAmper Company will design a long-term care insurance plan that will help cover the costs that care will incur. We will give you the ability to take control of your long-term care decisions and provide a proactive and responsible way to reduce the burden of care on your family. Adequate plans can:

  • Allow you to stay in your own home
  • Provide financial assistance with homemaker services such as preparing meals and other personal care needs
  • Help you cover costs of assisted living and nursing home facilities
  • Reduce burden of care on your family
  • Provide peace of mind

Income Solutions

Disability Protection

Although one in four young adults are likely to face disability before they retire and the average duration of a long-term disability claim is 34.6 months3, many Americans are unprepared to face a disability in the future. Prosperity – An EisnerAmper Company is experienced in developing plans that prevent your disability from getting in the way of your and your family’s financial security. We will assist you in getting the right disability insurance should the unexpected occur. Prosperity – An EisnerAmper Company can:

  • Prepare a plan that secures an adequate and steady flow of income should an unexpected injury or illness occur
  • Review and implement the correct disability insurance to fit your needs
  • Provide you with the resources you need to adapt to daily life in the event of a disability
  • Protect your financial security
  • Provide peace of mind


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