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Estate Planning

Proper estate planning to help ensure tax efficient transfer of your assets and wealth to individuals and causes you care about most

Estate planning is imperative, although often neglected. We understand that the topic is not pleasant to think about much less discuss. The uncertainty that surrounds estate planning can be intimidating. There is the misconception that estate planning is a long, expensive and complicated process. While the reasons to procrastinate in your mind mount, estate planning is a vital piece of your financial plan. Estate planning provides peace of mind and offers you the ability to control the transfer of assets and wealth to those you care most about.

Prosperity – An EisnerAmper Company utilizes a comprehensive approach to estate planning as we work with clients helping them address their greatest concerns. Our approach is to simplify the process and work in concert with our clients and expert attorneys to develop a solid estate plan.

Through estate planning, we help clients address the following goals and concerns:

  • Formalized wealth transfer to individuals and/or charities
  • Reduce or eliminate the tax burden
  • Protect a child’s inheritance so it does not become commingled marital assets
  • Protect estate and beneficiary’s estate from creditors
  • Protect a beneficiary from their own spendthrift nature
  • Care for a special needs beneficiary
  • Plan for minor children
  • Leave a philanthropic legacy / perpetual gifting strategies
  • Name a caretaker if you become incapacitated

The most important documents in regard to estate planning help ensure that your wishes are honored throughout your life. Estate planning documents include:

  • Will or Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Proxy or Medical Power of Attorney
  • Trust strategies which include but are not limited to:
    • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
    • Credit Shelter Trust
    • QTIP Trust
    • Spousal Trust

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